About Our Homes

Building a modular home is a distinct advantage over a traditional site-built home. In most cases, 85% of the work to construct a modular home is done in the factory. This in turn reduces the scope of work needed to be completed on the job site.

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Why Modular Homes

Why So Inexpensive?

You will no doubt wonder why modular homes sell at such competitive prices and offer so much in them! The efficiencies of factory production allow modular homes to sell for less than comparable site-built homes. Industry analysts cite average savings ranging from 10% to 30%.

"They laughed at Henry, but Mr. Ford's critics aren't laughing now!"

The Factory Advantage

Unlike "traditional" homes constructed on site, modular homes are built inside, under ideal conditions in a controlled environment. The houses are never subjected to the vagaries of the weather. The lumber doesn't warp because it doesn't get rained on, and then baked by the sun. It doesn't lie in the mud exposed to the elements, as sometimes happens on construction sites. And the workers and subcontractors who construct these homes don't get rained on or frozen. It's a lot easier to perform quality work when you're comfortable. And quality control is a more efficient function when inspectors are "on the job" at all times.

How Are They Built?


Modular homes are built in sections called "modules" or "boxes" inside and then shipped to the new home site where they are assembled. The modular home is constructed using "jigs" or patterns to ensure that all corners and joints are square. Quality control in a factory is a requirement if the home is to be assembled properly. The result to the consumer is a home where all the corners are square and all the windows and doors are plum.

Building Codes

Modules are built in compliance with the same building code followed by conventional builders. Moreover, every modular home is inspected by a third party building inspector before it is shipped. This inspection is far more restrictive than the requirements for a conventionally site-built home. The result, however, is a home built to exacting standards with absolutely no shortcuts.

The Benefits

Modular Is The Way To Go

Sounds good so far? We've given you a basic explanation of what the differences and similarities are between modular homes and conventional built homes. Let's review some of the key benefits associated with modular homes...

The Benefits Of Modular Homes

  • Custom Built, Computerized Designs
    Take a look at the construction of a custom modular home From Factory To Finish & learn about the modular construction process.
  • Tight Quality Controls, Superior Equipment
    The controlled factory environment allows for tighter quality controls. Sophisticated equipment is used in the factory that is not possible to use outdoors on a job site.
  • Highly Engineered & Built Stronger
    Modular homes are built stronger to withstand transportation by truck over many miles. If they were not built extra strong, they would not survive the trip.
  • Cost Effective
    Manufacturers buy their components by the train loads! Labor, materials and time are reduced by maximum efficiency. What does all this mean to you?... YOUR COST IS REDUCED, YOUR VALUE IS INCREASED!
  • Reduced Site Construction Time
    Modular homes generally arrive at the building site 85% complete. Time is money -- your money!
  • Design Flexibility
    Modular homes have the ability to take on pretty much any configuration you can think of. From bay windows to different roof pitches to garages, anything and everything is possible!
  • Meets/Exceeds Local Building Codes
    All modular homes are built according to the same local building codes as conventional site-built homes. Modular homes are also constantly inspected throughout the building process.
  • Energy Efficient
    Our Homes are built with 2x6 studded wall construction. This produces a rigid wall and plenty of room for thick wall insulation. All seams between the exterior sheathing panels are caulked to reduce air infiltration as well as at switch and receptacle box openings. You can ask us about many more energy-efficient procedures.

Cost Savings

When it's all added up... labor, material, and time savings... you will find that a modular home is the best investment you will ever make.