Document Library

This Document Library contains a collection of useful forms and checklists that will educate and assist you in the process of constructing your new modular home. We have also included in the library important forms that will be submitted at various points throughout the construction process, as well as a description of what each is used for and when the form should be submitted.

  • FORM #200 - Preliminary Drawing Request (PDF, 81k) 
    Our design team works with you initially to create a plan that encompasses your needs and lifestyle. Once that has been accomplished the next step is to submit your design to our manufacturer to generate a set of preliminary plans. This form is needed to request those custom plans. These plans are considered suitable to submit to your lender.
  •  FORM #202 - Final Print Approval (PDF, 84k)
    Last step before your house is ready to order
  • FORM #201 - Permit Print Request (PDF, 78k)
    You will need sets of blue prints to file a building permit (in most locales). After you have approved your preliminary plans permit prints can be requested.
  • FORM #300 - Selection Sheet (PDF, 100k) 
    This document records your choices of colors, cabinets, siding, etc. Selections will be made from our sample kit available once your Preliminary Print request has been received.
  • FORM #400 - Delivery Procedure Sheet (PDF, 124k)
    A form that keeps you up to date on the tasks needed to be performed for delivery of your home.
  • FORM #550 - Construction Checklist (PDF, 124k)
    Keep on track in your construction process by following this outline which corresponds to our 100+ page Construction Manual.
  • FORM #1009 - Construction Estimate Worksheet (PDF, 73k) 
    This form will enable you to literally fill in the blanks when pricing out the cost to finish your home.
  • FORM #1020 - Items Not Included
    Details those items that are not included in the base price of our homes.  You will need to add these items into your finish costs to get an accurate cost to complete.
  • FORM #7888 - Specifications
    A detailed list of our standard specifications for all styles of homes.  Any of our specs can be changed to suit your unique needs
  • Construction Manual
    This invaluable tool contains over 120 combined years of "hands-on" modular construction knowledge. Written by our parent company, builders of modular homes for over thirty years and a leader in the modular industry, the Manual elaborates on the topics included in our Construction Checklist. It is available free of charge upon receipt of the Preliminary Print Request.
  • Green Is Gold!
    Custom Modular Direct strongly believes in green building. The concept of building homes in a controlled environment with very little job site waste is just one facet of what we consider "green" building. Download this brocure for more information on how you can make your home "green".