Standard Energy Star Package

  • Modeling and plan review by HERS rater* who will provide an Energy Star Qualified Homes Thermal Bypass
  • In plant inspection of building components, draft stopping, and insulation inspection by HERS field inspector*
  • *HERS Rater and field inspector nationally certified through Residential Energy Services Network (RESNET)
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Energy efficiency items included in ALL CMD homes:

  • All common walls between modules are protected with a high quality gasketing system to provide an increased airtight seal between boxes.
  • All exterior walls forming the thermal envelope are fully caulked at mating points to completely seal out air flow in accordance with the national Energy Star requirements.
  • All other penetrations of the thermal envelope such as wire ways and chases are fully caulked in accordance with the Energy Star requirements.
  • All wall insulation provides full six-sided contact with no voids at wires, plumbing, blocking, etc. Insulation R value to be specified on order.
  • The voids between door and window jambs are fully insulated with batt insulation.
  • Attic insulation to be blown in to provide full truss-to-truss contact with no voids at wires, plumbing, blocking, etc., and provide insulation in full contact with ceiling drywall.
  • Floor decking is glued to exterior perimeter rails, creating an airtight seal.
  • Accuvent roof baffles are provided in all soffit areas as required to provide proper airflow and maximum insulation depth.
  • Basement stair walls or attic close-off walls of the thermal envelope are fully insulated according to wall thickness, caulked, glued, and gasketed as per the method used for exterior walls.
  • Floors with unheated spaces below such as garages are fully insulated to provide full six-sided contact.
  • The edge of the floor decking on second story storage area is fully insulated.
  • Tub and shower drain cutouts are fully insulated if they penetrate the thermal envelope.
  • One Energy Star-certified 100 cfm combo bath fan, light timer, and connection.
  • A continuous backer is provided behind all tubs and showers to ensure six-sided contact with all insulation.
  • All electrical boxes on the exterior walls are gasketed at the plate cover.
  • All electrical boxes on the exterior walls are caulked from the rear.
  • Two Energy Star-certified exterior lights.

Products that are outside of this standard package can be special ordered if you would like them in your new home. CMD offers thousands of customization options, including many Energy Star features that will further enhance your home’s energy efficiency. Contact our office for details. For more information about the Energy Star program, visit

** To provide fresh air and remove pollutants, a building must have sufficient air exchange or a ventilation system. Energy Star homes are typically very tight and have a low rate of air infiltration. Because of this, mechanical ventilation may be needed. Bathroom fans may be an option to achieve the desired air exchange, and we do install Energy Star Approved fans in all bathrooms. Consult your local HERS rater or other design professional before deciding upon the type of whole house ventilation system to be installed if the fans we provide do not qualify in your area.

Note: Exhaust only systems such as bath fans create negative pressure and may not be suitable for homes with open combustion appliances or fireplaces.