Don't Just Take Our Word For It!

With hundreds of satisfied customers, we have heard lots of praise about our program and how wonderful it is. Here are just a few quotes from some of our clients, people just like you, who decided to save thousands on their very own dream home!

What Our Customers Say

"I just want to take a moment to tell you, you provide excellent customer service. For months I have been trying to find a builder that worked with a quality modular company and got things done in a timely manner. We are living in very cramped quarters and are very anxious to get our house built. I have never had an experience with a builder where they were ahead of me. Usually I've had to make several calls to them asking when we might get a plan/price etc. We try to keep up with you. You do an excellent job."
- Kelli P., Winchester, Virginia
"My husband and I have not been married long but we know the best investment is real estate. We were not sure we would qualify for a loan. My parents lent us $2000 but when the loan officer got back to us he said we qualified for 100% financing. I could not believe it. We're starting out small- we know we can always add on or build a bigger house later- but it's our house and it is a very good investment."
- Paula F., Portland, Maine
"We were amazed at how quickly we were able to finish our home. We really did not realize how much is finished in a modular. When my husband first suggested this I thought "no way, working and trying to build a house?" but it really wasn't difficult at all. We would do it again."
- Shirley R., Hartford, Connecticut
"It's a great comfort because we can manage the mortgage payment and because we go to sleep knowing that we have more equity in it than we owe. I never thought we could get so much peace of mind, for so little money."
- Kelly S., Johnstown, Pennsylvania
"My husband is a salesman and I am a 3rd grade teacher. We built our own home and did about 20% of the work ourselves. Following CMD's procedures and relying on their expertise enabled us to accomplish this! We were able to come in on budget and realize a good savings. We built our own home! I still can't believe it! Thank you to all of your staff who assisted us in this project."
- Rachel D., Manchester, Connecticut
"My wife met one of your customers at her high school reunion. When she told me about your company I was only half listening- we really hadn't saved any money and I thought we'd never be able to build our own home. Imagine my surprise when we were told we qualified! It has been a very pleasing experience with CMD. I would definitely recommend your program and homes."
- Bob and Sarah S., Williamsburg, Virginia
"Would I recommend you? You bet I would! What was the hardest part? Deciding on a house design. Thank you for your patience in designing our home."
- Marti M, Pinehurst, North Carolina
"My husband is an electrician. He called in favors from his friends in the trades to help us finish our home. Based on what the local builders charge, we figure we saved well over $60,000 and the best part is I got the home I have always wanted."
- Angie and Steve M., Gettysburg, Pa.
"We did a very conservative calculation and figured we saved $42,000 building our own home plus we designed it the way we wanted it. Would I recommend CMD? The answer is YES!"
- Howard D., Martinsburg ,West Virginia
"I drive trucks for a living and knew I had to go with a modular because I'm not home much. I hired a friend in construction to supervise the job when I wasn't around. It took 45 days to finish and came in a little below budget. I saved big time and got the house I wanted."
- Ron L., Flintstone, Maryland
"Just wanted to thank you and your staff for the excellent service you gave my husband and me. We couldn't have done it without you and are very pleased with the quality and design. Working with your company has been a rewarding experience."
- Elizabeth M.,Williamsburg, Massachusetts
"Thank you to the entire staff for your help. I didn't think we could do this- we are not construction people. But as I sit in my beautiful new home I marvel that we did do this. What a great feeling. It took us less time than I thought it would and we saved $22,000 under what a local builder quoted us. It was worth the effort!"
- Jeff & Cindy B., Bedford, Pennsylvania
"My brother built a home through your company and I thought if he can do it so can I. We've been in our home 3 months now and we probably saved close to $30,000 doing this mostly ourselves. Now my parents are thinking of calling you! Thank you for your time, experience, and patience. I'm telling everyone I know about you."
- Kim and Ryan W., Meredith, New Hampshire
"Thank you for all your help. My husband broke his ankle playing basketball after we had started our home. We ended up hiring more people than we originally had planned on to finish the house but we still saved money over the local builders- probably close to $20,000. It has been a very good association with your company. Thanks again."
- Dave and Margaret L., Binghamton, New York
"I am a project manager for a large builder and didn't really have the time to build a home for myself- stick built that is. Modular was the answer for me- I designed it the way I wanted it and worked on it weekends only. Your company's reputation sold me on the idea; the quality and specifications sold me on the product. You are welcome to use my name as a referral. "
- Bob H., Salisbury, Maryland
"Your company is great. I am a single woman but wanted a new house and I wanted to save money. With my Dad's very part-time assistance we both managed to "supervise" the sub-contractors I had hired. I could not have done it without you- wouldn't have had a clue how or where to start. I must say it really was not difficult. If your customers have the determination they can do it too! "
- Terri R, Frederick, Maryland
"Custom Modular Direct was referred to me by another computer engineer in my department. I had very specific ideas for a home and thought that because modular was pre-manufactured this would not be the way for me to go. My friend convinced me otherwise and now I see how wrong I was! My 4200 square foot custom two-story was finished 8 months ago- it has 9' ceilings, corian countertops, trey ceilings, and rivals anyone else's home in my neighborhood. Best of all, I saved about $50,000 doing it your way. I would recommend your homes to anyone."
- Mike and Kristen M., Baltimore, Maryland