Custom Modular Direct, the merger of talents between individuals with diverse but extensive years in the modular business was created to assist new builders of all sizes with the design, packaging and completion of their custom modular home business. Utilizing a unique and proven support based concept, Custom Modular Direct has successfully guided clients in thousands of custom home projects.

Backed by a strong commitment to innovative design and environmental responsibility, Custom Modular Direct, in partnership with our plant, has successfully marketed business strictly on the internet since 2003. Realizing at it’s inception in 2000 that e-commerce was the wave of the future, Custom Modular Direct’s main objective is to offer modular homes direct to our small and midsize builders with the buying power of the larger builders. By purchasing a custom modular direct from our plant, our repeat builders and those who are building only once are assured that they are getting the best possible price with the specifications and quality they demand. Our in-house design service allows us to create custom plans from starter homes to high end luxury with every conceivable option available. Once the home has been modified or designed, our clients will be directed to our supplier’s websites where they will have the ability to peruse and choose among thousands of individual options and specifications. Striving to maintain a leading edge in the often fast paced changes of design, modular construction and technology, Custom Modular Direct has been recognized as being an excellent source for those that seek an alternative to overpriced retail and stick built homes. By offering strong customer service, an environmentally friendly custom product and competitive pricing our modular direct homes have earned the reputation of providing excellent value and craftsmanship for our client’s investment dollar.

Created and owned by leaders in the modular community with over 30 years experience in modular building and the manufacturing end, Custom Modular Direct has proven that affordable, quality built truly custom homes and commercial buildings are without comparison. Our operating philosophy is a strong commitment to customer service realizing that the central core of any relationship is honesty and integrity.

Consider the purchase of your custom modular direct from the plant to your lot as THE best investment you could make. Not only do you save time, which equates to dollars saved, but you save on local labor costs and materials via our skilled workers and bulk purchasing power.

Our entire staff of experienced professionals looks forward to working with you on your single project or multiple units.