We are often asked the best path to take when designing a custom modular home. There are several ways in which we could arrive at the floor plan that would allow us to price it delivered to your site.

**Working from CMD’s custom modular home designs:

We want to stress that any of our homes can be redesigned for your needs. The custom modular home plans showcased on our website have all been designed by us and readily available in our design software from which we can make changes of any type. Any changes! It depends upon you and your lifestyle. We can composite between our designs if there are certain elements in those designs that interest you. This approach is the most meaningful for your budget as we know the custom modular home you are modifying has already been priced and therefore you have an upfront idea of the cost factor. It is also the quickest approach to get a delivered price from us. Chances are we do not have to spend many hours designing from “scratch” and can give you a close resemblance of the design you are looking for with minimal effort and cost. We can then follow with a QuickQuote that includes delivery fees, taxes and the total amount of the home delivered to your site. Our design fee to modify one of our own custom modular home designs can’t be beat! We give you three free hours of design which is plenty of time to conceptualize the plan you are trying to accomplish.

**Custom modular home plans from a pay per-plan provider:

There are a number of sites available to the consumer that feature custom modular home plans to purchase and sites that sell “non-modular” designs as well. If the plans are copyrighted you must purchase the right to use the design. We can then make any design changes you feel necessary to make it your plan. Check with our office first to see if we have a similar plan we may have designed for a customer and hence, own the copyright on. We have well over 3000 custom modular home plans in our archives and chances are something is close to what you are looking for. Again, this is a cost effective way of going about the design process. If we are making modifications to plans that are purchased please query us for our design fees.

**Custom modular home builders and their designs that you wish to use:

We all work very hard to bring cutting edge designs to the forefront of the building industry and many custom modular home plans share identical similarities. However, if a plan is copyrighted by custom modular home builders, we cannot duplicate it. We may however have one that is very similar that we own the copyright to. If a custom modular home builder, or any builder, allows you to duplicate the plan (usually outside of a competing area) we would then consider it a custom plan and design fees would apply. The design fees would be considered modest however, as the plan would already be designed with modular dimensions in mind and the length of time to make needed changes would be considered minimal.

**Custom modular homes, designed from concept:

Perhaps you are looking for that truly one of a kind home. You may have unusual site conditions that prohibit a conventionally dimensioned home or a unique idea that can only be accomplished by starting out with a concept and designing from there. We have had several customers who needed rooftop decks atop their homes in lieu of a conventional roof; another who wanted the home to resemble a stable…….. another for an infill city project that required a very unusual configuration with separate and distinct elevations to represent several custom modular home builders. Our in-house design team can work with you to bring all of your projects to fruition. Design hours will be higher than with other situations but you will have a very distinct and truly personalized home.

Why we stress the word “CUSTOM”

We all think and live differently, so why should our homes be a cookie cutter of someone else’s? We have the ability to change the floor plan and the look of the house to meet your expectations; we also can change our standard specifications to reflect your requirements and we offer thousands of options in our data entry to personalize your home the way you want it. With our Product Guide and disc, you are able to visit our supplier’s websites and pick out those finishing touches that work for you. Would you prefer oil rubbed bronze door hardware in lieu of pewter; perhaps a coffered ceiling in the family room to showcase the specialty fireplace you chose online……. or that Victorian soaking tub that reflects your historic design? Interested in an Arts and Crafts interior trim or perhaps you’d prefer another look that blends with your commercial appliances? That is what we mean by CUSTOM. And CUSTOM is our name.