When you hear "high performance car" what is your initial thought? A finely tuned design working at optimum performance? Perhaps a quality product with a higher resale value? High performance home building means designing and building high performance homes to lower the energy demand as much as possible to achieve lower energy requirements right off the bat. By including passive solar techniques first and then adding solar hot water, PV, wind, geothermal and other efficient heating and cooling options, your high performance home lowers it's energy requirements overall.

When designing your high performance home to work with your site and climate you will add to the entire energy efficiency of the total project easily and effectively up front prior to any other strategies associated with peak performance. Just small design ideas are extremely valuable in an energy efficient home. Are you located in the south? Could you incorporate wide roof overhangs on the south/southwest side to avoid overheating in the latter part of the day? How about a lighter colored roof or a reflective metal roof? According to many environmental scientists, by replacing the dark colors on a 1000 square foot roof, 10 metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions are offset as white buildings absorb less heat. In cooler climates, minimizing windows on the west and north sides of the house coupled with a tight building envelope utilizing high R–value insulation should be the first consideration.

High performance home building "relies on systems–engineered design, quality–controlled construction and performance testing" to ensure that it is healthy, energy efficient and a plus for the environment according to the ENERGY STAR website. Building high performance homes means that the dwelling consumes 40% less energy than a home built to the 1995 energy code. That is a significant savings.

Because our custom modular homes are constructed in a climate controlled environment, they are less prone to mold. The materials used in the construction of the home have been well stored and are not subjected to the elements as is always the case on typical stick built sites. The overall air quality of our finished high performance homes starts out healthier. Our homes are better sealed and insulated, improving your overall energy performance and lowering energy costs. State of the art building facilities allow our homes to be energy sealed in areas that would be physically impossible to seal or insulate on a site built home. And your modular high performance home is ENERGY STAR certified in the plant with 2 x 6 walls and R–19 insulation, R–38 ceiling insulation and Low E windows that meet or exceed ENERGY STAR criteria– all as standard.

What does this mean for you? Heating and cooling bills account for at least half of the energy use in the home. What better way to cut your overall energy expenses than to take deliberate steps during the construction of your high performance home that will benefit you for years to come.

Healthier….Energy efficient…Fuel savings….equal high performance home building. Contact Contact Custom Modular Direct to find out more.