Luxury modular homes offered through Custom Modular Direct are truly an excellent investment. Not only do we offer complete design flexibility but we offer the advantage of choice in every detail that goes into your home. Your luxury modular homes can be designed and crafted with elaborate kitchen and bathroom fixtures, specialty trims, and appointments that you select from our supplier’s websites. Please take the opportunity to visit our Design section featuring Single Story Luxury and Estate floor plans. Here you will find modular luxury home prices on each design and a wide variety of styles and square footage. Available to you is our in-house design team to personalize any of our homes to reflect your lifestyle and needs, thus offering you truly custom luxury modular home plans. Have a custom design that you need pricing on? Please request a QuickQuote and forward the plan to us. We will respond with a quote and the costs delivered to your job site.

Luxury modular home builders know the advantage of having as much of the structure as possible built under roof and in a conditioned space. Not only does it keep all materials dry and mold free, but it reduces onsite labor costs on a home that traditionally incurs higher subcontractor bids due to the nature of the project. Luxury modular homes, designed using our luxury modular home plans, customarily have a lower per square foot completion cost than site built homes.
We encourage you to query us concerning your specific requirements and a design that works for you.

Please refer to our modular luxury home prices in our Design section under Estate and Single Story Luxury section.