For those interested in building our homes but are not modular home builders we would like to suggest a number of different options for your consideration.

**Do you have construction experience

If you do, you should consider becoming your own modular home builder! For those customers in the trades or with some knowledge of construction we have created a Construction Manual which covers just about every aspect of responsibility that a custom modular home builder needs to consider. We are also available to offer technical assistance with any questions you may have. A number of us have been professional modular home builders and are available should you need to discuss different aspects of your job. The most important point to consider is that you must have time to oversee your job. Building inspectors, subs and suppliers will need to be met on site during working hours should the need arise. The overall time expenditure is greatly reduced from that of stick building so many customers are able to effectively meet any obligations of this nature. You will have the profound satisfaction of accomplishment when you are able to move your first piece of furniture in. We have had customers in many different non–construction careers experience that feeling of becoming their own best modular home builder!

**Project Managers can act as your superintendent

If you feel you may not have the expertise, or more importantly the time, to oversee the construction of your real estate investment, consider the best alternative and hire a professional project manager. Our approved project managers are highly successful individuals with expertise in the modular and construction industry. The project manager works for you and plans, budgets, coordinates, monitors and controls your construction project. Their objective is to reach completion of you home in terms of quality, cost and time. A project manager can save you thousands of dollars on your construction costs by eliminating the overhead, and profit charged, by a builder of modular homes. They are experienced modular home builders that can accomplish this task while you control the cost. You will have the knowledge that a licensed and insured professional, familiar with modular construction, will work to complete your home with your needs in mind. They operate utilizing Open Book Management; every aspect of the construction process is open for your knowledge and peace of mind. Their fee is based on a percentage of the total construction costs. The benefits are many but the most important is that you still are able to build your house at builder wholesale cost as opposed to retail. And, you have the expertise of a professional to complete the task for you. We have had some customers who felt they needed a PM for the initial phase– foundation through house set– and then took the job over themselves. There are various routes you can take as long as you have the time to complete the project. Time equates to money and it is best to get the project completed as quickly as possible. The Project Managers we have approved all adhere to Open Book Management and are highly experienced in modular construction. Please call us for the approved PM in your area if this is the route that would work for you.

The choice is yours– either as your own custom modular home builder or through a Project Manager who will act as your best modular home builder without the "traditional" retail cost.

Contact us at 800–310–5161 to learn more.