Custom Modular Direct, the leading modular home builders in Connecticut due to a unique, time-tested program, helps clients successfully design, purchase and finish their own custom modular homes. Connecticut modular homes are built using an engineered approach to producing buildings in a more efficient and cost effective method. Instead of the old-fashioned construction method, our modular green homes in Connecticut are pre-fabricated at an off-site climate controlled factory.

Although Connecticut generally enjoys a moderate climate thanks to its long coastline on Long Island Sound, building delays due to weather are always a possibility. Our modular homes in Connecticut are never subjected to harsh weather. The lumber doesn't warp from rain, get baked by the sun, or stay exposed to the elements, as sometimes happens on construction sites. The modular home builders in Connecticut who construct these homes don't get rained on or frozen out of a job.

After your home is built in the plant, it is transported to the building site and constructed together using the same methods the current stick built homes use. Local modular home builders in Connecticut apply the finishing touches to produce beautiful modular homes that match the quality and appearance of stick built homes.

If you are environmentally friendly, you will love the fact that our modular green homes in Connecticut are constructed from materials that are totally recycled in-plant. This means that all the excess and left over materials are recyclable, which can eliminate the thousands of pounds of home material incurred by on site home builders.

Our custom modular homes in Connecticut are also energy efficient. Because our modular green homes in Connecticut are constructed indoors the manufacturer is able to seal and insulate a modular home to a much greater degree than a stick built home, allowing for better energy efficiency for many years.

The efficiencies of our factory production allow our modular homes in Connecticut to sell for less than comparable site-built homes. Industry analysts cite average savings ranging from 10% to 30%. Contact Modular Direct today to discover how you can design your own custom modular homes in Connecticut.