There are many great benefits of custom modular homes in Delaware from Modular Direct. Some of the advantages of modular green homes in Delaware include:

  • Faster building times. They are built in about half the time, compared to a site-built home. You can literally move into modular homes in Delaware weeks after ordering them.
  • Modular green homes in Delaware are not subject to harsh weather - theyre all built indoors and constructed in a totally controlled factory setting, so any chances of weather damaged materials and mold are eliminated.
  • Cost control savings. Materials are purchased in bulk and the savings are passed on to you.

One of the things we hear most often from customers is "I dont want a mobile home." Great! Modular green homes in Delaware are not mobile homes. Mobile homes are built according to the federal HUD building Code. This requires all mobile homes to be built on a non-removable steel chassis, which severely limits their design options. Modular home builders in Delaware have no design limitations. Our custom modular homes in Delaware can be any shape or size and will meet or exceed your local and state building codes.

Moreover, every custom modular home in Delaware from Modular Direct is inspected by a third party building inspector before it is shipped. This inspection is far more restrictive than the requirements for a conventionally site-built home. The result, however, is a home built to exacting standards with absolutely no shortcuts. Modular homes in Delaware are just like any traditional site built home except they are pre-built in factories and then assembled together by modular home builders in Delaware. These modular home builders in Delaware must check their foundations to make sure all dimensions are accurate as a modular manufacturer uses "jigs" or patterns to ensure that all corners and framing are square. Quality control in a factory is a requirement and benefit of modular construction. As a result you get a one of a kind, custom modular home in Delaware where quality control takes precedence.

Get your first modular home in "The First State" with a modular home in Delaware from Custom Modular Direct. For more information call 800-310-5161 today