Maine is a very popular tourist destination, and a state of diverse wonders with over 3000 miles of coastline, thousands of lakes and pristine mountain land. The state is experiencing a huge influx of transplants and retirees intent on experiencing Maine and "the way life should be". A great option for this new wave of residents would be to build unique, energy efficient custom modular homes in Maine.

Building your own custom modular homes in Maine allows you to afford the home youve always wanted with all the options and "extras" included. You can have multi-levels, extra bedrooms, increased energy efficiency and super insulation. By becoming one of our modular home builders in Maine you have the ability to select many different custom options for modular green homes in Maine so you no longer have to settle for a cookie cutter house. You can now enjoy your dream home with the efficiency provided by state of the art designs and the expertise of our established modular home builders in Maine should you not wish to act as your own builder.

Our modular home builders in Maine know that our custom modular homes in Maine are built better than stick built homes as the majority of the building process takes place in a controlled environment where quality control stations and inspections are conducted at numerous set intervals of construction. Modular homes in Maine are also built stronger to withstand transportation by truck over many miles. All of these factors combined, create a superior product and one that is very energy efficient.

Our modular green homes in Maine are better insulated and sealed and have met Energy Star approval in the plant. In addition to being better for the earth, our modular green homes in Maine can help you save significantly on heating and cooling bills.

Take a look at the construction of the custom modular homes in Maine from CustomModular Direct and learn about the modular construction process. Or call us today at 800-310-5161 for more information.