Maryland is often called "America in Miniature" due to the great range of topography in the state. It ranges from sandy dunes in the east, to low marshlands near the bay, to gently rolling hills of oak forest in the Piedmont Region, and mountain pine groves in the west. And any of these areas would look great with Custom Modular Direct's modular green homes in Maryland.

The benefits of modular green homes in Maryland is the "green factor". A typical CMD modular home in Maryland is built with 2 x 6 walls, which provides more insulation and greater energy efficiency. Because your custom modular home in Maryland was built in an enclosed environment the manufacturer is able to seal and insulate in a way far superior to a site built home. This means modular green homes in Maryland are typically more energy efficient and provide more protection against air infiltration.

Custom modular homes in Maryland look just like traditional stick built homes. The major difference is that they are built in a plant and assembled on site by modular home builders in Maryland. This provides time savings since construction on the modular homes in Maryland can commence in the factory while the site preparation work is being done. Delivery is then coordinated with the foundation completion. Since modulars arrive at your site 80–85% complete your custom modular homes in Maryland finish much quicker. Time is money in construction.

Thinking of building modular log homes. Maryland has many beautiful regions to accommodate this popular style. By constructing your home as a modular and adding log siding you will have the look and feel of a site built log home without the cost and maintenance traditionally associated with it. By building modular log homes Maryland and the regional codes recognize the pre–approval process that comes with every CMD home. You not only have a quicker permitting process but building modular log homes reduces your construction time, reduces your maintenance and gives you the best of both worlds.

The controlled factory environment allows for tighter quality controls and by purchasing components by the train load, labor, materials and time are reduced through maximum efficiency and bulk purchasing power. Your cost is reduced while your value is increased which means that CMD's modular home builders in Maryland, whether for a major project or just a one time home, save thousands of dollars.

Quality control inspections are typically more thorough than stick built homes as well. At designated stations as the home moves through production, modulars go through rigorous inspections. In addition, independent third party inspections are conducted that certify state code compliance. What this all adds up to is quality custom modular homes in Maryland. You can be assured that your modular home in Maryland is built to all applicable building codes.

To find modular home builders in Maryland or to build your own quality home contact Custom Modular Direct today.