There are many advantages to owning modular green homes in Massachusetts over a traditional site built home. Since our custom homes are built in a controlled environment the efficiencies of factory production allow us to seal, insulate and caulk to a better degree than a site built home; thus you are assured a more energy efficient home to combat heating and cooling costs. And many of our modular home builders in Massachusetts know that our homes are in plant Energy Star certified which means even more savings and tax credits for homeowners. For the environmentalist and modular green builders in Massachusetts, the benefit of modular construction allows recycling of materials in the plant to a much greater degree than is possible on a traditional job site and the use of sustainable building materials is adhered to.

Homeowners desiring custom modular homes in Massachusetts work with our in-house design service to create the floor plan and design that works with their lifestyle. In choosing a custom modular home, Massachusetts residents work with our staff to incorporate the amenities and detail that are important to the individual and not a re-hash of a cookie cutter plan made for someone else. Custom modular homes in Massachusetts are normally highly customized in design and tend to blend with the architecture of the different regions.

Modular homes in Massachusetts, as modular home builders in Massachusetts understand, must follow the local building codes and regulations as well as high wind coastal codes where applicable.

Our modular green homes in Massachusetts can be designed to your site to accept solar orientation and still fit in with traditional designs.

Coupled with the energy and cost savings, it pays to educate yourself to Custom Modular Directís modular homes in Massachusetts. Call 800-310-5161 to find out more.