New York ranks as the 27th largest state by size and contains a diverse topography of nature as well as the well known urban areas of New York City for which the state is most famous. All of these areas and terrains are great places to build custom modular homes in New York.

Modular green homes in New York generally cost 10-35% less than site built homes. Because a large portion of these modular homes in New York is completed inside a factory where labor and materials are cost controlled, thus reducing overall costs, the custom homes tend to be more affordable than site built homes. Modular home builders in New York have long understood the cost advantages to factory production and those savings are passed on to the homeowner.

When a house is constructed totally onsite, work may be interrupted due to poor weather or a delay in the shipment of supplies. Builders on work sites may also have down time waiting for building inspections. The longer a home takes to build, the more expensive it will be. Because CMDs custom modular homes in New York are prefabricated in factories they take far less time to complete. 80-85% of your home is built on an assembly line with an established delivery date given. Independent third party building inspectors are onsite to inspect the work once it is finished. The house is then shipped to the property where construction is completed by modular home builders in New York. You could be barbequing in your backyard long before your neighbors even have the drywall up on their stick built home.

Because Custom Modular Directs custom modular homes in New York are constructed in a climate controlled environment, they are less prone to mold. The materials used by our modular home builders in New York have been well stored and are not subjected to the elements, so the overall air quality of the finished home starts out healthier.

Our modular green homes in New York are better sealed, and insulated, improving your overall energy performance and lowering energy costs. State of the art building facilities allow our modular green homes in New York to be energy sealed in areas that would be physically impossible to seal or insulate on a site built home.

All of our custom modular homes in New York are Energy Star plant certified. Call CMD today and learn more about our unique program that allows you to save thousands over the conventional site built method.