There are many great benefits of custom modular homes in Ohio from Custom Modular Direct. One of which is that we offer modular green homes in Ohio. What makes them green? Modular home builders in Ohio know that we build our modular homes in a controlled environment where the efficiencies of factory production enable us to seal, insulate and caulk areas that site builders cannot. With our 2 x 6 walls and upgraded insulation and Energy Star certification we are able to offer our modular home builders in Ohio a superior product that affords homeowners reduced heating and cooling costs.

Custom modular homes in Ohio allows you to afford the home you’ve always wanted with all the options and "extras" included. With Custom Modular Direct’s in-house design service you can have the floor plan that works for your lifestyle and budget. By joining the "family" of modular home builders in Ohio, whether it’s for just one home or a quantity of homes, you have the ability to select many different custom options for your home so you no longer have to settle for a cookie cutter house.

Modular green homes in Ohio:

  • Are built in about half the time, compared to a site-built home. You can literally move into modular homes in Ohio weeks after taking delivery.
  • Are not subject to harsh weather or vandalism - they’re all built indoors and fully lockable once set upon your foundation.
  • Are constructed in a totally controlled factory setting, so wet weather and subsequent mold are eliminated.

Our custom modular homes in Ohio will meet or exceed your local and state building codes. Our modular green homes in Ohio are constantly inspected throughout the building process, and every custom modular home in Ohio from Custom Modular Direct is inspected by a third party building inspector before it is shipped. As a result, your home is built to exacting standards with absolutely no shortcuts.

You can now enjoy your dream home with the efficiency provided by modular home builders in Ohio. For more information call Custom Modular Direct at 800-310-5161 today!