Custom modular homes in Virginia look just like "traditional" site built custom homes. However, one big advantage of modular construction is the shortened timeline which delivers cost savings. They are 80-85% pre-built in factories and completed on site by modular home builders in Virginia. Since construction on these modular green homes in Virginia can begin in the factory, site preparation work and the foundation can be done concurrently thus saving extensive time and money.

The controlled factory environment means work is never delayed by weather, subcontractor no-shows or missing material. The manufacturer that supplies modular home builders in Virginia buys their components by the train loads which means the best pricing through bulk purchasing power. Labor, materials and time are reduced by maximum efficiency hence your cost is reduced while your value is increased.

The other great plus of modular green homes in Virginia is the energy efficiency. Quality engineering and modular construction techniques significantly increase energy conservation; our custom modular homes in Virginia are built with 2 x 6 walls which provide more insulation and greater energy efficiency on heating and cooling costs. Because your custom modular home in Virginia is built in an enclosed environment the manufacturer is able to seal and caulk more effectively than those homes that are stick built. This means modular green homes in Virginia are able to obtain a plant Energy Star rating and gives you the option of completing the certification on site to receive energy tax credits.

Custom modular homes in Virginia go through rigorous in- plant inspections with numerous quality control stops along the way. In addition, a third party independent agency certifies to the state and local inspections department that your modular home in Virginia complies to local codes.

Contact Custom Modular Direct to find modular home builders in Virginia or learn how to become one yourself. Whether it is multiple homes that you are contemplating building or only one, you will save time and money with this method of building.