West Virginia is noted for its great natural beauty and for a wide range of outdoor recreational opportunities including skiing, whitewater rafting, caving and hunting. Just like the many outdoor options available, modular homes in West Virginia offers a wide variety of design options as well.

With CMDís custom modular homes in West Virginia, you have complete control over the floor plan of your custom modular home (West Virginia state or regional building codes are always certified by a third party independent inspection agency no matter what the floor plan). The design options of modular green homes in West Virginia are almost limitless. You can choose room sizes and layouts, add optional sunrooms or morning rooms, choose colors and selections - and more! Custom Modular Directís modular home builders in West Virginia are afforded truly custom capabilities with any home they should choose.

But thatís not the only benefit to modular homes in West Virginia! The modular building process provides time and cost savings and much higher efficiency and quality due to the efficiencies of factory production. On the average, a home consisting of two or more modules will be built in the plant in a week. Compare this time frame to a traditional site built home that must endure the vagaries of the weather to be completed. Modular home builders in West Virginia know that once your home is built in the plant at 80-85% completion it is shipped to your building site and placed on itís foundation. From there the home is traditionally completed in 6 to 8 weeks.

One last benefit from Custom Modular Direct- we are environmentally friendly. Our modular green homes in West Virginia are highly energy efficient due to better construction and more efficient sealing and insulation methods that would be physically impossible to install on a site built home. Our modular green homes in West Virginia are Energy Star plant certified and not only will cut down on heating and cooling costs but just may qualify you for federal tax credits.

Look to Custom Modular Direct as the leading modular home builders in West Virginia due to our unique, time-tested program that helps our clients successfully design, purchase and finish their own custom modular homes. West Virginia and modular homes could be in your future! Call Custom Modular Direct at 800-310-5161 for more information today.