According to building statistics, projects have more than doubled over the last ten years in the industry of modular homes. Florida is no exception! Modular Direct offers custom modular homes in Florida that can be completely personalized to whatever you desire.

You have total control over the floor plan of your custom modular home (Florida state or regional building codes pertaining to high wind zones are always followed per applicable zone). You can choose the colors, add design elements such as whirlpool baths, in-law suites, sunrooms etc., and you are able to choose window styles, bath fixtures, siding, countertops styles, and more! The design options of custom modular homes in Florida are numerous. Modular home builders in Florida offer a wide range of options for you to personalize your custom design.

Thats not the only benefit to modular homes in Florida! The modular building process provides time and cost savings and much higher efficiency and quality due to the assembly line fashion they are built in. Also, because they are built inside a factory, the sometimes muggy, rainy weather of Florida does not cause costly delays. In addition, they are considered an excellent choice for hurricane areas due to their superior strength and quality construction. Read what FEMA, on their website dealing with Hurricane Andrew in South Florida, has to say about modulars and hurricanes.

“In a FEMA study following the Hurricane Andrew in 1992, it was found that wood-frame modular homes in hard-hit Dade County, Florida, stood up to the devastating winds better than stick-built homes. The finding states: ‘Overall, relatively minimal structural damage was noted in modular housing…’The report also points out that the construction method of modular homes ‘provided an inherently rigid system that performed much better than conventional residential framing.”

One last benefit from Modular Direct - were environmentally friendly! Our modular green homes in Florida are earth friendly due to better sealing and insulation that would be physically impossible to install on a site built home. Our modular green homes in Florida are ENERGY STAR plant certified and can cut down on heating and cooling bills too! Florida has the 4th highest state population in the United States - just imagine if everyone had modular green homes in Florida.

Custom Modular Direct, and our skilled employees, are the leading modular home builders in Florida due to our unique, time-tested program that helps our clients successfully design, purchase and finish their own custom modular homes. Florida modular homes could be in your future. Call Custom Modular Direct at 800-310-5161 for more information today!