Factory Direct Modular Homes

IT’S A FACT! Factory direct modular homes save you time and money. Please take a moment to view our slideshow of a custom modular home as it is built in our factory. For those of you who are not familiar with factory direct homes, please notice the degree of finishing that has been already built into the home . Prior to shipping, each home must travel through several Quality Control stations within the factory and pass third party code inspections. The day of set for our customers is extremely exciting. Their factory direct modular home which they helped to create is finally a reality. Watching the crane pick the modules up and swing them in the air to be placed on the foundation always brings an intake of breath from someone in the crowd! We often hear surprised comments from the by-standers who are amazed that so much is completed in the factory. Note that the kitchen and bathrooms are installed, the walls are primed and the doors fully lockable at the end of the set day. Factory direct modular home designs…Direct to your lot…. Saving you time and money.

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