International Housing Solutions

GlobeWe believe that by providing decent, strong, energy-efficient homes, our structures will be able to effect meaningful change and comfort to all who enter.

Whether it is for disaster relief or housing for those citizens who cannot find or afford adequate homes to live in due to market conditions, we have the solution.

Our international division is a US based company and an acknowledged world leader with experience in building energy efficient, cost effective housing quickly, affordably and with advanced “green” technology in those areas of the world where infrastructure is lacking or modest at best. The completed homes, schools and business facilities are as strong as “traditionally” built homes, affording protection from category 5 hurricane winds as well as seismic resistance while offering the new home owners superior energy efficiency.


With our proprietary method of construction our regionally designed larger custom homes can be assembled and finished within 30 days or less with a crew of up to 5 full time workers.  For those units comparable to the size of our demo video unit, approximately 22 square meters, the homes can be assembled in 2 ½ hours. They can be shipped in containers and need no special tools. Everything is pre-cut and pre-engineered in the US with virtually no waste, utilizing high tech construction methods and the most environmentally friendly building components. We are capable of producing very high quotas of homes for those countries in need of immediate housing.


The structural system, utilizing panelized SIPS walls, is made of columns and beams based on US  standard codes until such time that local codes can be ascertained.

Walls consist of thick polystyrene insulation sandwiched between two sheets of James Hardie cement board for the exterior. These walls can either be painted or sprayed with stucco and pre-tinted to the selection of colors specified.

Ceiling panels consist of polystyrene insulation again sandwiched between cement board on the interior side with aluminum roofing, protecting the home with zero maintenance.

The benefits of our SIPS product versus other forms of construction:
  • Environmentally friendly with virtually little waste
  • An energy-efficient home equates to lower utility bills which means more spending money in the pockets of the homeowners.
  • Lab tested to withstand Category 5 hurricane force winds- up to 200 mph. Our system meets or exceeds the US Florida Building Code
  • Quick completion times. Completes faster than frame or masonry structures. The smaller homes can be finished in a matter of several days compared to weeks and months with other methods.
  • The concrete board panels come with a 30 (thirty) year warranty
  • Engineered per local codes to resist seismic activity. Seismic resistance of our homes offers more security than concrete block or “traditional” frame structures.
  • Certified green due to their energy efficiency.
  • Customized regional and national designs that blend with the existing architecture and finishes designed to be complimentary to the needs of the particular locale. We can design any size or style needed.
  • Cost effective methods with less manpower needed than other forms of building construction.

Building communities if utilities are lacking:

We have had extensive experience delivering to and completing projects in many countries as well as offering green technologies to compensate for unavailable development infrastructure. For those regions that lack any or only partial subdivision infrastructure we are able to provide an answer to satisfy the immediate demand for suitable housing.  By building sustainable energy efficient homes we are able to provide housing in several months as opposed to waiting years for the subdivision infrastructure to be completed.  By utilizing solar electric and wind, water desalination plants, and other proven methods, we are able to complete a subdivision quickly once all roads have been engineered. Because we are building sustainable environments, the cost a country would spend on infrastructure- i.e. water, sewer and electric transmission lines- is locked permanently into today’s pricing and captured with the alternative use of our solar electric technology thus becoming a fixed cost within the completed cost of the homes. And not only does that become a fixed cost, but it also holds the promise of contributing to the utility generation of electricity. Should the government want to add transmission lines later in the future, every single home becomes capable of “selling” back electricity to the utility grid thus reducing the governments need to increase power costs. What we propose is offering the ability of a new home with virtually no utility costs and free, clean water; a home that can withstand high wind and seismic activity, where the economics of efficiency and sustainability greatly outweigh the expense of traditional development costs for years to come.

Building designs to fit the situation:

What we would like to present to you is an attractive, viable, fast solution to the housing shortage for all your housing and building needs from small affordable units to the more luxurious styles of homes; from schools and community centers to medical buildings and places of worship. Whether we can accommodate you with all or a few of our available green technologies, the bottom line is it will benefit everyone in the long run. We have the solution to fulfill your housing needs and we look forward to presenting our information to you.

Our solutions offer comfort, traditional home design, permanence and a fast completion time.